Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data privacy regulations, DLP is configured to identify sensitive data and uses a variety of advanced data detection techniques to identify data in many forms.

  • Confidently identify regulated data, track its use, and location
  • Protection policies allow you to block the flow of sensitive data
  • Integrate with encryption technologies to protect email, removable media, individual files and data in the cloud.

Secure data by wrapping automatic protection around it

When data leaves your organisation and is shared widely, all is not lost. DLP will identify sensitive data and enable advanced protection, allowing you to:

  • Control who can access data, even from unmanaged locations or devices
  • Define what level of access a user has using digital rights management technology
  • Monitor user access to sensitive data to identify risky behaviour or security compromise
  • Revoke access to users, effectively digitally shredding a document

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